Food Assistance

Nourishing Gardens provides emergency food boxes to low-income families/individuals in the Southeastern Michigan area. We provide non-perishable foods to our clients free of charge, if you have questions about our services feel free to contact us!

Mutual Courtesy and Respect is Our Policy

While here, a client can expect a kind and caring atmosphere. Whether this is your first time receiving assistance or not, all are treated with dignity and respect. We ask you to be courteous and respectful as well to Nourishing Gardens volunteers and fellow food bank clients.

Clients are served by appointment only

Enrollment requires a picture ID with local address, proof of residency, number of household members, and annual income. Contact us to schedule a appointment at 734-713-7715.

Canceling and Rescheduling Appointments

If you are unable to make your scheduled appointment, please notify Nourishing Gardens as soon as possible so that your appointment time can be offered to someone else and a new appointment can be scheduled for you.

What to Bring to Your Initial Enrollment Appointment

To enroll at Nourishing Gardens Food Bank, please bring the following to your initial appointment:

  • Proof of household income for the previous month. Your last 2 paycheck stubs and/or the most recent income tax return for yourself and other adult members of your household.
  • Proof of the number of adults and children presently in your household. For adults a copy of a current driver's license is required; for each child, a copy of their birth certificate. Alternatively, a copy of your latest U.S. tax return with number of dependents indicated may be used to verify the presence of children in your household.
  • Proof of residency. Picture I.D. is required, either a current driver's license or State of Michigan I.D. card, plus 2 recent utility bills with your present household address.

Based on the information you bring with you on your first visit will determine if you qualify for supplemental food assistance.

Keep Your Membership Card

When you first enroll with Nourishing Gardens Food Bank, you will receive a membership card. You are required to present the membership card each time you come to get a supplimental food box. You will be unable to receive a supplimental food box without your membership card. Please let our volunteer staff know if you have lost your membership card and need a replacement.

How You Can Help

Nourishing Gardens Food Bank is always seeking ways to spread the word about our services. If you would like to help, like us on Facebook or follow us on Instagram or twitter. Share and like our post to help us spread the word!

Our Location:

24831 Sumpter Rd
Belleville, MI 48111